Eagle Eye USA contracted with Action Target of Provo, Utah to design an indoor range with the most technologically advanced equipment on the market.

Shooting Stalls

  • 12 lanes equipped with adjustable target track retriever systems capable of adjusting target distances up to 25 yards.
  •  All lanes are capable of sustaining up to 30 caliber rifle rating.
  •  Each stall contains adjustable lighting to suit every shooters needs.

Bullet Traps

  • All lanes are equipped with Action Targets Total Containment Trap (TCT).
  • Unlike the more popular rubber chip systems, (TCT) is designed to be the most advanced, effective and safest bullet collection and disposal system available on the market.
  • Uniquely designed to capture, decelerate and dispose of all bullets and bullet fragments, virtually eliminating the danger of splatter, ricochet and lead dust build up.


Our state-of-the-art climate controlled facility was designed with our customer’s health in mind.

  • Equipped with a State-of-the-art ventilation using a dual HEPA filtration system which is designed to remove 99.9% of airborne contaminates and lead dust
  • Providing our guests with a consistent temperature and clean air, regardless of outside air temperature.

Please also be aware of our Range Rules:

Gun Rentals

We have a variety of handgun and rifle rentals representing many of the industry’s top brands.*
We will also offer some Machine gun, Belt Fed Machine Gun and Silenced Gun rentals**
All ammunition for rental guns must be purchased from Eagle Eye USA.
*Rental fees for non-NFA firearms will start at $10-12 per hour, depending on the firearm.
**Rental prices vary please contact for further information.

Gun Rentals – Shooters may try as many of our rental guns for 1 hour period. When finished with one, return to Range Master Desk and select another in rental fleet. Range Ammunition Only (Excludes Machine and Silenced Gun Rental)